What Is Brazilian Wax? Is It Safe, How To Do It And Everything You Need to Know About It

Brazilian Wax Legs


It is a truth universally acknowledged that every girl who wants to wear a sizzling hot bikini would, at one point or another, consider getting a Brazilian wax.

But what exactly is a Brazilian wax, and how does it differ from a bikini wax? A Brazilian wax is a process that removes all, if not most, of the hair in the genital region, while a bikini wax simply trims down the hair along the bikini line.

Surprisingly, the Brazilian wax was not invented in Brazil. Some claim it was invented in New York during the early 1990s, while others believe it dates back to ancient Egypt during pre-wedding ceremonies and other religious festivals.

It was reportedly named a Brazilian wax as an ode to the skimpy bikinis being worn on the famed beaches of Brazil.

Regardless when and where it originated, one thing is for sure – Brazilian waxes have become a popular service today. Even non-beach goers get a Brazilian wax just because they feel like being smooth down there.

But despite its popularity, there are still a lot of first-timers who are unfamiliar with the service. Many women already shudder at the thought of waxing their legs, eyebrows, or armpits. So the thought of enduring the pain of pulling the hairs near the vagina is even more terrifying.

But here is the good news – getting a Brazilian wax is actually not that bad. It can even be a painless experience, provided that you book the services of an expert wax specialist.

What To Expect At Your First Brazillian Wax Session? 

Beazillian wax Redhead woman hurts

If you want to get a Brazilian wax, be prepared to throw away all of your inhibitions. While waxing the legs requires you to just remove your pants or lift up your skirts, Brazilian waxing would need a more personal piece of clothing to be shed off – yes, that means your panties.

After stripping the bottom bare, the wax technician would then tell you to lie down, bend the knees, and spread the legs. Then she will tell you to do the most important thing of all – relax.

Before the actual waxing begins, some specialists would sprinkle baby powder all over the hair so that moisture would be absorbed and the hair would adhere better to the wax. On the other hand, some prefer applying oil in order to create a light barrier between the skin and the wax.

Just like in every other situation, the first time is always the hardest. That first pull might make you squirm or scream because of the pain. If you’re one of the brave ones, then maybe you won’t feel anything. After the second or third pull, you might even come to realize that there’s really nothing to a Brazilian wax.

After the procedure, waxing salons always provide soothing or anti-inflammatory serums to help ease the pain.

How To Prepare For Your Waxing Session?

What To Expect First Brazillian wax Session

Before getting a Brazilian wax, it’s very important to clean up. Take a shower or bring feminine wipes, because you won’t be able to wash up hours after having the hair removed.

Don’t shave your hair either. If you think that trimming the hair would help, it would actually do the opposite. The hair needs to be at least a quarter inch long for it to stick to the wax and pull well.

Many technicians suggest wearing loose-fitting clothes during Brazilian wax sessions, because it would definitely help the nether regions breathe after (should there by any pain). Some even suggest bringing extra underwear, because it’s always better to practice cleanliness and diligence after the procedure in order to avoid any infection. Remember – every waxing procedure strips off protective skin cells, making the waxed area very vulnerable.

It’s also not advisable to get a Brazilian wax during your period because the skin is especially sensitive at this time. However, if you really need to, at least wear a tampon to keep the area clear. Most technicians don’t mind doing a Brazilian wax for a girl who is on her period, but it is still polite to run it by her first.

Brazillian Wax After-Care

Wax aficionados already know by heart that they should avoid taking a cool or warm shower at least four to five hours after waxing so that the skin would be able to recover.

There are also several things and places you must avoid after waxing. Because the follicles remain open hours after waxing, they become more susceptible to moisture. So this means you should steer clear of sweaty activities such as exercise or sex, steam rooms or saunas, and even public pools or jacuzzis.

You should also be more cognizant of how the hair grows back after waxing. Exfoliate every other day in order to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface. If they aren’t removed, they will trap the hair follicles and prevent it from growing out. This is what creates ingrown hairs.

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