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GiGi Student Starter Kit


Waxing at home is becoming more and more popular and for a very good reason too. It is much more convenient, far less expensive, and best of all, the results are very much the same as the high-end salons that usually cost an arm and a leg. With the advancement of technology, hard wax kits and warmers can do an excellent job of getting rid of unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, they are not for everyone and initially, they are not that easy to use. I have to admit, there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, everything is smooth sailing from then on. The results are good and very long-lasting, it takes less time than driving to the local salon, and you can do it on your own sweet time, no more booking appointments or wait for salons to open.

Let’s get to know more about hard wax warmers and how they can make your life easier and free from unwanted hair.

Best Hard Wax Warmer 2020 – Top Models 

A hard wax warmer is a rapid melt heating pot device, part of a waxing kit, that melts hard wax beans to use in the removal of unwanted hair all over your body. It has a melting wax heater that you put the beans to be heated. It also comes with a temperature knob or an LCD panel that allows you to control the heat and adjust for temperature.

These hard wax warmers come in kits that vary from brand to brand. Some come with wax beans, applicators, oils, gels, instruction manuals, and instructional DVDs. They come in all sorts of different sizes and wax capacities to suit all possible applications – from home use to professional salons.

Designed specifically for personal use at home, these pot warmers are similar to the ones used in professional waxing salons but on a smaller scale. They come with instructions on how to use, so you no longer need to go to the salon professionals for hair removal. They are relatively inexpensive as compared to going to an esthetician for their services or melting wax in the microwave, for example.

With these wax heaters, you no longer have to waste your time traveling to the salon or waiting for your turn. You can use the warmer anytime you want.

How to Choose An Electric Wax Heater Kit? 

Now that we pointed out what is a hard wax heater and why do you need one, let’s take a look at what to look for when choosing the best one for your needs. Here are the most important features the best warmers that are really worth the money should have:

Heating Temperature and Control

Wax warmers come with different heating temperatures and controls. Some have three heat settings – low, medium, and high.  You can use that to heat the most different types and amount of wax. It is ideal when you want to heat a small amount to use it on your face or lips/mustache area.

The best warmer should have temperature controls that are easy to manage and spot. Some of them have buttons, some have knobs, while there are others that offer no temperature control at all. Some even have LCD panels that you can control the machine from and set the exact temperature that you require.

The bottom line is, your electric warmer should offer some form of temperature control and the more accurate it is, the better. That way you can prevent overheating the wax and prevents nasty burn on your skin. So the more accurate the temperature control it is – the better and safer to use.


Most home wax warmers can accommodate from 8 to 14 ounces of hot wax. This pot capacity should be sufficient for waxing your whole body, or at least most of it. There are heating pots that come with a just a 5-ounce capacity, but to get the most of your hair out in one go, the 14-ounce pot is better.

Heating Speed

A good warmer is one that heats up wax quickly. You don’t have to wait too long for the machine to melt the beans. The faster it melts, the faster the job will be done.

Wattage And Power

This may not seem really that important, but to be honest – it is. The wattage is also something you need to consider when buying your next wax heating pot. The higher the power, the better the heating performance you get from your machine – see if it has a rapid melt function. It can really speed things up and they are usually easier to clean.

On the other hand, higher wattage also means higher electric consumption. If you’re unsure about the power of the pot you have your eyes on, we suggest contacting the seller or manufacturer to ask for more information about it.

Does it Come As A Kit?

Most waxing kits you will find on the market today come with wax beads, applicators as well as other useful tools to help you remove unwanted hair easily. Although you need to buy wax separately as it is consumable and will eventually run out during regular use, an electric pot kit that comes with the beans usually offer much better value than those that don’t.

However, the heating pots that don’t come with beans or as a part of a kit also offer some kind of advantage. Without the accompanying beans, you can choose the brand of wax you want to use and keep the price low. You may really like the machine, but not the wax beans that come with it.

Does It Include Waxing Beans In The Kit And If So – How Much?

Questions On Using Hard Wax For Hair Removal

If you do choose an electric wax heater that comes with wax, how much wax is there? This is not just all about getting more bang for your buck. Think of this, you wouldn’t want to run out of wax in the middle of a hair removal session if the beans that came with the wax heater isn’t enough, right?

Make sure you have enough wax for both legs, your face, bikini area and whatever else you need help with.


As with appliances, having peace of mind for the heater makes it a really good investment. When the manufacturer offers a warranty, you can be sure that you are covered if you find something wrong, a defect or a part missing from the kit. Make sure that the kit you’re getting is covered by warranty for factory defects, issues, and missing parts. If you’re buying from Amazon, as I usually recommend, you would be covered by Amazon warranty as well so you should have no issues if something ever goes wrong.


Last, but not the least of your considerations is the price. A higher-priced wax warmer can offer all the bells and whistles in the industry, but the question is – do you really need all the stuff that comes with it?

If money is not an issue, then – yes, by all means, get one that offers them. However, if you’re on a limited budget, there are many less expensive options you can find that offer pretty much the same as those with a high price tag. It’s all about what YOU need and that’s why I’ve put together this article – to help you identify those needs and choose the best wax warmer for your particular situation.

Best Wax Warmers Reviews And Comparison

So let’s dig in!

1. Best Kit Overall – GiGi Student Wax Starter Kit

Gigi Student Startet Kit - Best Of The BestAs the name suggests, the GiGi Student Starter Kit is designed with students in mind. It is created specifically for use at home by non-professionals. This kit includes a hot wax warmer, GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax, applicators, muslin strips, and treatments for use before and after each application.

Even though the kit is intended for students learning the hair removing and waxing techniques, it comes in a professional grade quality pot. Perfect for those who want to learn the trade and become professionals themselves. It has everything you need to learn and get you started whether you want to turn it into a business or for your own personal use.

The warmer heats up moderately fast, usually in thirty minutes or less, so you can start waxing your legs, arms, face, brows, and underarms in no time. It can take up to 14 ounces of melted hard wax and has a user-friendly design and construction for easy operation. Lightweight and compact, the GiGi Student Kit wouldn’t take up too much space.

It has three heat settings – low, medium, and high so you can heat a variety of hard and soft waxing beans. It comes with a transparent lid that allows you to see if the wax has already melted and whether it is ready for use. A minor issue we had with the kit is that the wax container is non-removable so cleaning the pot can be a bit difficult. You have to let it heat a bit before attempting to clean it, otherwise, it might prove impossible to take out all of the old wax in it.

The kit wax that comes included with the heating pot is the GiGi All Purpose Honee. It has all the wonderful benefits of beeswax so you can be sure of smooth and thorough hair removal. It is considered safe for use even on sensitive areas as well as for the coarser and thicker hair on legs. No problem for the bikini area too, but more on that later.

The GiGi Student Starter Kit includes Gigi’s Pre Hon cleaning lotion, Pre Epilation powder, Wax Off, Slow Grow, petite and small Accu Edge Applicators, small and large natural muslin strips just in case you need them too.

It comes with everything that you might need for a clean and efficient waxing session at home. It is a bit on the pricey side, but the quality of the GiGi is superb, the wax that comes with it is one of the best on the market so, in my opinion, the GiGi is the best wax warmer for a starter, novice, and experienced waxers. It rapidly melts anything you through at for a great hair removing session.

2. Runner-Up – Yeleen Hot Wax Warmer

Yeleen hard wax heater potDesigned with a vibrant purple and stylish looks, Yeleen Hot Wax Warmer offers fast and effective heating and hair removing process. It is easy to operate so you can remove unwanted hair anytime and any day that you choose.

This Yeleen warmer kit includes four different fragrances of hard wax beans, ten applicator sticks, and a well-written user manual. The kit is safe for use to get rid of all your unwanted hair on the legs, arms, face, armpits, bikini area, and even the insides of your ear. It can both remove the fuzz on your face and the coarse hair on your legs, leaving your skin soft and smooth to the touch.

The Yeleen beans are made of natural ingredients and they come in four different flavors – lavender, chamomile, chocolate, and original fragrance. The wax can remove up to 98% of all your unwanted body hair in just a few minutes. You can tear them off your skin easily and painlessly.

The Yeleen warmer is a wonder in itself. It is made with a high-quality ABS resin that is perfectly safe to use. This material is nonflammable, hard, and durable – strong enough to last you for years.

The wax warmer can melt most types of wax up to 14 ounces. From hard to soft wax, paraffin wax, and crème wax, this warmer can be used to melt them to match your needs. It comes with a 3-pin plug that is an added safety feature.

You can easily adjust the temperature on the Yeleen unit depending on the task at hand. It offers a temperature control range from 160 F to 240 F and can melt wax beans in just eight minutes! Aside from its non-flammable body, the warmer will automatically shut down when it reaches its max temperature, so there’s no worry of burning down your house with the Yeleen wax warmer.

3. Best Electric Warmer For Home Use – Wokaar

Wokaar Hard Wax Kit WarmerThe Wokaar wax kit is equipped with a heating element that melts beans in just under ten minutes. Getting rid of unwanted hair has never been this simple, fast, and easy.  The Wokaar warmer uses temperature control that goes from 160 up to 240 degrees. Perfect for melting a wide variety of waxes for different purposes. It has an automatic shut-off that turns off the heat when it reaches the maximum temperature but will still keep the wax in its melted form.

The warmer comes with a see-through lid that allows you to peek inside and see how the wax is doing. You don’t have to take the lid to see whether the wax is ready for use. It also has a removable lining bucket that is very easy to take out of the warmer to clean or refill.

The Wokaar kit comes with four varieties of hard beans and ten wooden applicator sticks. The beans included are four “flavors” – lavender, chamomile, chocolate, and original fragrance, which smells a bit like vanilla. The kit included can remove up to 98% of unwanted hair, from face to legs, bikini area to armpits.

The warmer has a 16 ounces volume capacity so you can melt enough wax to depilate your whole body in a single session. The wax beans are made from 100% natural ingredients, such as beeswax, paraffin, and hydrogenated coconut. They are FDA approved and are totally non-toxic and chemical free.

Overall, the Wokaar waxing kit can help remove unwanted hair efficiently, leaving you with skin that is soft, smooth and completely hair-free. It is a cost-effective way that gives you the freedom and the convenience of waxing at home for a very affordable price.

4. Best Warmer for Small Salons – INFELING Double Pot

Infeling Professional Double WarmerIf the 14-ounce containers that come with most consumer grade warmers aren’t enough for you, then the Infeling double heater might just be the right choice for you. It is equipped with two 350-gram aluminum pots and one filtered container. This is the ideal electric waxing kit for small sized salons or if you one of those thoughtful ladies that love hosting hair-removing parties with your friends.

The kit includes the double warmer, one filter pot, four packs of hard wax beans, twenty applicator sticks, and a user’s manual. The good thing about having two heating pots is that you can reuse any leftover wax over and over. You can just put in the metal filter before placing the used wax, and when melted, you can easily take out the hair and other bits of debris left over from before. Hard wax is perfectly safe to reuse so there wouldn’t be any issues at all!

The heating pot has an independent temperature control for both sides that lets you heat wax from 32 to 176 degrees. You can use only one pot for small jobs like face and mustache area depilation, for example, or if you just want to do your armpits in one go.  For bigger jobs, like your legs and bikini area, you can use the two heaters simultaneously. You can even set them on two different temperature levels if you’re using different types of wax.

The beans that come with the kit are four different flavors –  chamomile, sea mud, lavender, and chocolate. They can be reused for up to four different times. No more throwing out unused wax so you can really save time and money. They are 100% natural too so no toxic or harmful elements are present.

Even with the two heating pots in it, the INFELING double warmer is lightweight and easy to move around thanks to its compact design. It is best suitable for use in a small professional salon. The INFELING kit will allow you to wax larger body areas in one go due to its double heater design. Alternatively, you can use separate types of wax in case you need different strength for coarse hair, for example, but you don’t want to use the same type of wax on gentle facial hair, for example.

The manufacturer of the kit, Infeling, offers a no quibble “Resend or Refund” guarantee. It means that they will refund your money or send you a new kit if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the product. How cool is that, especially for salon use?

Overall, the Infeling is a solid product with a bigger heating volume than most waxing kits on the market. It is great for salon use as it comes with plenty of wax beans and tools to help you do the job. It offers a solid warranty as well so I do think that it is a very good choice kit, well worth your consideration.

5. BFull Hair Removal Kit – Great All-Rounder

BFull Kit - Best OverallClaiming to provide a 99% success rate in removing unwanted hair is a very bold statement. The BFullh warmer kit does exactly that with a great success too. You can really get silky smooth and glowing skin by using the BFull kit and the wax that comes with it. Getting rid of your unwanted hair is now easier than ever.

The BFull kit is one of the best-equipped waxing kits on the market. It comes with five separate 3.5oz bags of hard wax beans. It also comes with 20 applicator sticks and 50 fabric strips in case you need them when using the heater with soft wax, which is perfectly capable of. You can use the strips to clean the pot as well.

The BFull warmer can be used anywhere on your body – face, legs, bikini, even armpits, and sensitive areas. It can get rid of coarse hair on your legs and underarms as well as take out the finest hairs and peach fuzz on your face. You can enjoy having hair-free skin that is soft and smooth for three to six weeks.

The BFull kit is a very fast warmer – you can have access to melted wax in just under seven minutes. It gives you the right melted consistency needed for a smooth and easy waxing. It is one of the fastest heaters on this list – most of the products in this article need at least around ten minutes to deliver the right wax consistency and temperature.

It is made of high-quality ABS resin and it is equipped with premium copper wires making it a very safe kit to use at home. It comes with a temperature control that you can easily adjust from 160 up to 240 degrees temperature range. You can melt a small amount of wax or large batches for you and your friends.

As an added safety feature, this warmer has an automatic shut-off system that turns off the machine when it reaches 240 degrees. It will keep the beans warm and melted, so you don’t have to worry about reheating it. You also don’t have to worry about overheating the wax or the machine itself – there is a safety shut-off.

The wax that is included in the BFull kit come in mostly sweet-smelling scents—lavender, honey, rose, chocolate, and aloe vera. They are 100% FDA approved and are made with natural ingredients. Safe to use even by those with sensitive skin and those with allergies. They are safe, gentle, and won’t irritate your skin.

6. Best Warmer for Professionals – Satin Smooth SSW12C Single Pot

Satin Smooth SSW12C - Best ProfessionalDesigned for the professional salon, the Satin Smooth SSW12C is a high-quality and high-performing waxing warmer kit. Suitable for those with hair removal and beauty salons, the Satin Smooth can also be used at home with excellent results. The bundle includes a deluxe Satin Smooth cream wax, non-woven strips, wooden applicator sticks, cleanser, lotion, and an easy to follow step-by-step instructional DVD.

The SSW12C has a 14-ounce pot capacity and can melt a wide range of waxes. It has an independent warming pot that has a silicone-covered on and off switch. The temperature control has 10 settings that you can use depending on the wax and job that you have on hand.

The heater has a non-slip rubber footing to prevent the warmer from slipping or moving around while waxing. It comes with a fitted cover that will keep the top level of the wax at the temperature desired and prevent clogging and hardening. It also comes with two protective collars to make it more secure and safe to use. It is lightweight and compact, a device that won’t take up much space on your table.

The SSW12C comes with a 14-ounce Satin Smooth Deluxe Cream Pot Wax that can remove thick, coarse, or even curly hair. It is enriched with emollients that soften hair to make it easier to be plucked away. It also has moisturizers to soothe skin and make it softer and smoother after waxing. It won’t rip your skin and it will protect the top level from irritation.

The Satin Smooth wax is dermatologist-tested and is safe for all types of skin. You can use it anywhere on your skin with confidence. It’s suitable enough for both coarse and gentle hair on both face and body.

Whether you’re a professional salon owner or a waxing enthusiast at home, the Satin Smooth warmer is an excellent choice that will do the job perfectly day in and day out.

7. Best For Big Salons – Salon Sundry Professional Double Pot

Salon Sundry Double Kit - Best For Professional SalonsIf you’re an established professional doing multiple treatments daily, the Salon Sundry is probably the one for you. It comes with two separate heating pots that can take in more wax than anything on this list. It should be more than enough for depilating several clients per day in one go. It is sturdy, tough and can be safely used all day long.

Each heater is made from high-quality materials and it is equipped with 150 watts of heating power. It has an adjustable thermostat control that will let you heat wax up to 176 degrees. Both pots are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Each pot can easily take in up to 14 ounces of different wax types. The double heater is CE-certified and fuse-protected for use for extended periods of time. It comes with an industry standard-sized heating chamber designed to accommodate most wax containers.

The Salon Sundry comes in a very basic package – a power cord, removable pots, two metal covers, instructions, a user manual, and a few spare fuses. The warmer doesn’t come with waxes like most others on this list, but for professionals, this is actually a very good idea. Professionals have their own preferences when it comes to the waxes they want to use and no bundle gives them the freedom to use any type or brand of wax that they want.

This Salon Sundry double warmer can melt all kinds of different of waxes, from soft to hard, to paraffin and canned. It heats them up in no time and keeps them warm and melted, so you don’t have to worry about the wax hardening while you work. It also has an auto-shutdown feature when it reaches the maximum temperature so you won’t overheat your wax or wait around the machine waiting for it to melt the wax.

Overall, the Salon sundry is an excellent double warmer suited towards professionals, salons and the like. It is built like a tank and with durability in minds. Plenty of fuses too – there is rarely a risk of burning out or anything like that. The only downside, if it can be considered one, is that the covers are not see through so you can’t really see if the wax is melted unless lifting the cover and peek inside

8. Best Selling Wax Warmer On Amazon – Lifestance Hair Removal Kit

Lifestance Best Selling Hair Removal KitA very stylish-looking warmer, the Lifestance is one of the best selling waxing kits on Amazon today and for a very good reason too. It comes with three packs of hard wax beans and ten wooden spatulas for easy application. The warmer is made of premium quality copper and ABS heat-resistant materials.

October Update – It seems that Amazon wiped out all of the Lifestance kit reviews, but there are over 190 questions answered and plenty feedback too. It is still one of the best selling waxing kits. 

The Lifestance kit has a 16-ounce pot capacity and it can heat up to 240 degrees. It automatically shuts down when reaching the highest temperature and can melt most waxing beans in just under ten minutes.

The three wax beans pack included in the Lifestance are all FDA approved and come in different flavors – chamomile, lavender, and black. They are professional-grade and, like all hard waxes, don’t need strips to take them off. They stick on to your skin to firmly grip each strand and remove it from the roots for an even and smooth finish.

The Lifestance heater can and will get rid of all unwanted hair on your legs, armpits, face, and even the insides of your nose and ears. All that with very little pain and hassle. The beans are made of all-natural ingredients making it safe to use by people who have sensitive skin and allergies. They are all non-toxic and preservatives free.

The heater has a variable temperature setting control that can heat and melt different types of waxes, whether hard or soft. The Lifestance is a versatile kit and it can be used both at home or at a salon. It is simple and easy to operate.

Overall, the Lifestance wax warmer is a durable well put together. It comes bundled with great quality beans and it is a perfect companion at home or at the salon. It comes with enough wax and spatulas to start you off and keep you going for weeks. There is a good reason why it is one of the best selling warmers on Amazon and it so many people like it – there must be a very good reason for it too.

9. Best Budget Warmer Kit – Makartt Depilatory Machine

Makartt Depilatory Kit - Best For BudgetOne of the most affordable warmers on the market, the Makartt Depilatory is a high-quality product that won’t break the bank. It comes with the features most commonly found on higher-end models without the high-end price tag. It does a really good job too.

The Makartt is made of 100% copper coil wires and a sturdy ABS heat-resistant materials ensuring a durable and long-lasting product. It comes with a transparent cover that lets you see through the heating pot, so you’ll know when the wax is melted and ready for use. The pot is removable for easy cleaning.

The Makartt has a temperature control that is adjustable so you can easily melt different types of waxes. It can melt hard, soft, loose, bricks, microwavable, and many other types of wax usually in under ten minutes or less. You can have a salon-like hair removal treatment at the comfort of your home.

It has an auto shut off feature that turns the heater off when reaching maximum temperature. The front indicator light will let you know if the machine is working or not. Once it reaches 240 degrees, it will turn off and will turn on again in a few minutes to keep the wax nice and gooey – perfect for use.

To keep the budget on point, the Makartt doesn’t come bundled with any wax, spatulas and stuff like that. You’ll have to order your own set of depilatory tools and wax beans, which might bring the price up a bit. Those things are usually cheap enough, so it might still be cheaper than most bundled products on this list.

Overall, the Makartt is a great deal for most, especially if you’re not a big fan of bundles and prefer to choose your own products rather than rely on bundles and stuff. You are free to choose the wax that you want to use, the spatulas and everything. The warmer is a good choice for freedom lovers so if you are one – the Makartt is definitely for you.

10. Honorable Mention – Anjou DIY Depilatory Machine

Anjou Hair Removal Kit - Best ReviewsAnjou is the last, but not the least, waxing kits on review today. It has all the bells and whistles necessary to compete for a place on this list. The waxing kit provides salon-worthy softness and smoothness, making you feel like you’ve spent a day at the spa without spending whole lotta money too.

The Anjou has the look and the feel of a professional-grade warmer – it has an adjustable temperature control that gives you precise and reliable heating whatever the wax you are melting. Temperature ranges from 100 to 210 degrees and it can melt a 3.53-ounce pack of hard wax beans in just under ten minutes. Optimal results are achieved on a medium setting of 140 degrees to keep the wax in a melted consistency and ready for waxing.

The Anjou warmer is made of heat-resistant and non-flammable materials such as ABS resin and metal parts. It has a large capacity pot that can melt up to 17 ounces of wax. You can use any wax that you have available with the Anjou warmer – soft, hard, block and anything in between.

The beans that are included in the kit come in four different flavors – aloe vera, sea mud, lavender, and chamomile. All of them are formulated using the highest quality plants, wax, and minerals. They are ideal for all types of skin, even those with sensitivities and allergies.

The Anjour depilatory kit comes with the pot, four packs of 3.5oz wax beans, and fifteen applicator sticks. The warmer is easy to clean and can be used to remove all types of hair, from coarse leg and bikini area hairs to the fine peach fuzz on your cheeks and upper lip. The beans included can be reused for up to four times and will get rid of unwanted hair without causing any redness or irritations.

Overall, the Anjou is a worthy contestant for the best depilatory warmer choice. It is reasonably priced, comes packed with a lot of wax and applicators and overall, it is a very good choice for the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions about hard wax warmers, kits and waxing in general:

Can I reuse the hard wax in the pot?

Yes, you definitely can. Turn on the wax warmer to reheat any unused wax and wait for it to melt. If there are any hairs or debris in it, you can filter them using a metal strainer. It is mostly considered safe to reuse wax for up to four times. After four uses it will most likely become too contaminated with skin particles and hair to be effective for hair removal.

You can try it even further but that will be pushing it and it is definitely not recommended if you suffer from any skin related allergies or you share the pot with other people.

How to clean the warmer after using it?

An electric wax warmer requires very little maintenance but easy to clean is essential. After every use, it is recommended to clean your warmer. You can follow these tips when cleaning it for optimal results:

1. Turn on the heat

You need to remove all the remaining wax in the pot for a thorough cleaning. To make it easier to get all that is stuck inside, turn on the heat and set to the desired temperature. Hardened wax can be difficult to remove so heating the pot first will ensure that all of it gets removed before a rapid melt.

Of course, you need to take the necessary precautions when cleaning the pot to avoid burning yourself. When the wax has melted and in a liquid consistency, do the next step.

2. Save and store

While still warm, pour the unused wax into a glass jar and store it for later use. Make sure that there is no dirt or hair left behind. Store it in a cool and dry place and you can reuse it on your next hair removal session.

Make sure that the machine is turned off after heating and before you start cleaning it.

3. Wipe it away

With a soft cloth or even an extra waxing strip, you can wipe away the remaining stuff in the heating pot. Don’t use cotton pads as these can break down and cling to the metal container. They can cause a mess and make it even harder to remove. You can also use baby oil to wipe the pot clean and remove everything that is left behind.

4. Sterilize The Pot (Optional)

Cleaning the container with just soap and water is sufficient enough. But if you really want to keep it free from bacteria, you can use rubbing alcohol or store-bought sterilizing solutions. This is actually a requirement if you are a professional to keep things safe for you and your clients.

5. Apply oil to the surface

Depilation offers great longevity between sessions and the results are long lasting – usually up to 6 weeks of hair-free bliss. If you’re not a professional, you may want to store your wax warmer properly until your next session. Before storing it, it’s a very good idea to apply mineral or baby oil on the metal surface of the heating pot to prevent it from rusting. Most pots are stainless so the oil will protect the surface, especially if you are living in a more humid area.

Can you remove hard wax with hands only? Do you need strips?

Well, that’s where the difference between hard and soft wax lay. Soft wax needs to be yanked away from the skin with the help of a muslin strip, while hard wax doesn’t need any strips – you just need to remember to leave a piece that is thicker and use it to pull the patch away.

Can I use these kits for facial hair removal?

Yes, you can. Almost all waxing kits on the market, and especially the ones on this list, have accurate temperature control that will allow you to adjust the heating power of the warmer. You can heat different waxes depending on what type of hair you want to remove. You shouldn’t use wax that is too hot on your face as you can burn yourself. Legs, however, are usually fine for hotter application than the face. All that can be achieved with the right wax and the right temperature.

The fine hairs on your lip area, the peach fuzz on your cheeks and chin, and even your eyebrows can be removed using hard wax. Just be sure that you use the appropriate temperature and products for the specific application.

Can I Use Wax For Armpits Hair?

Yes, of course. Underarm hair is one of the main targets for depilation and waxing. While shaving can be much more convenient and faster, you have to do it every couple of days if you want to keep your armpits smooth and hair-free. Waxing will achieve the same results, but it will last much longer – usually two to three weeks, sometimes more.

What Is The Optimal Heating Hard Wax Temperature?

The ideal hard wax temperature for application is between 120 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (~50°-70°C). That’s why most warmers have a 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60°C) setting to keep wax at a melted state, ready for application and hair removal. Basically, the ideal temperature to keep your warm wax is at around 140 degrees, nice and melted, but not runny or crumbly.

Having a warmer is essential for achieving optimal waxing temperature – it is consistent heating and accurate temperature control that sets the industry standards.

Does Waxing Hurt?

Whether using hard or soft wax, there would be some pain if not following correct procedures. It also depends on your own pain tolerance, but generally, waxing is almost pain-free when done correctly. The benefits over using razors, for example, far outweigh any pain that might occur.

Overall, using hard wax can be a painless and pleasant experience as long as you follow a few simple rules. Always leave a bit of a bum at the end of the wax so you can pull it easier. You have to yank the wad fast and hard, always against the hair grain.

Are Most Hard Wax Kits Free of Toxic and Harmful Chemicals?

natural organic beeswax

There is no definitive answer to that. While most name brands are 100% natural and organic, others aren’t quite that clean. The terms ‘non-toxic’ and ‘chemical-free’ are also somewhat relative and open of interpretation.

Some companies claim using only natural or organic ingredients, but if you look closely at the labels, they also contain ingredients that are derived from non-organic sources. Furthermore,  there are ingredients that can only be derived from non-organic sources but is an essential component in hard waxes.

We can never be sure if a product is totally free from toxins or harsh chemicals. What we can do is read labels carefully and do some research on what they are and if they can be harmful to you. Most reputable manufacturers will avoid using chemicals that can harm their buyers so when in doubt, look at the manufacturer’s reputation.

Here are a few things you need to consider before using any sort of wax:

  • Check the label if there are any allergy advice and warnings.
  • Always do a skin patch test before applying the wax all over your body. Apply to a small patch first and see how your skin reacts to it.
  • Make sure that the wax isn’t scalding hot. Check on your wrist before applying, especially on sensitive areas like your face, for example.

This can lead to the question, are hard waxes safe to use?

Yes, they are. Generally speaking, they are formulated with the skin in mind. This means they have passed FDA standards and the manufacturers won’t jeopardize the health of their users as well as their businesses.

To make sure that the brand you use is safe, always check to see if they are FDA approved. This is your guarantee that the product has passed a certain standard and is known to be safe for use.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin After Waxing?

Soothe Your Skin

One of the most common problems you can encounter after a waxing session is the clogging of skin pores after depilation. Especially when you do your face – it can be a major issue. You don’t need to despair as there really is something you can do about it.

To avoid clogging your pores after depilation, avoid using any heavy lotions or creams that can clog the pores, They are enlarged from the heat of the melted wax and you have to take extra care of them. The best way is to apply soothing skin – opt for ones that offer cooling effects to your skin. You can use lotions with aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender, or witch hazel, anything that will calm your skin without too much fragrance and additives.

If you feel sore and you are worried about it, you can take a mild pain-reliever to ease the pain. It will also help relieve inflammation should you encounter it. You can also try applying a cold compress on the affected area.

How To Prevent Ingrown Hair?

To prevent the growth of ingrown hairs, it is very important to exfoliate your skin before waxing. Regular exfoliation can help prevent ingrown hairs and clogged pores while making your skin free from dead cells. Exfoliating after waxing might be a good idea as long as there is no redness or irritation.

Also, there are serums and solutions that you can buy to apply on your skin after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs. As always, read the labels carefully to see which ones would suit you.

Here are some tips to remember before and after a waxing:

  • Preparing for depilation is as important as caring for your skin afterward. Make sure that your hair is long enough for waxing. About a fourth of an inch is enough for the wax to grip the hair firmly and to easily remove them.

A few days before waxing is also a good time to exfoliate and moisturize the skin to avoid drying it out and causing ingrown hairs. On the day of the waxing session, avoid applying anything to your skin.  Keep it free from any skincare products, oils, or lotions that can prevent the removing of hair.

  • As much as possible, avoid strenuous exercises, intercourse, or tanning before a waxing session. It’s also good to avoid soaking in hot baths, steamy saunas or swimming in chlorinated pools.
  • You may want to avoid waxing before and during your menstrual cycle. The process can be more painful if done during these times.
  • After waxing your bikini area, wear cotton underwear. Cotton panties will let your skin breathe and help prevent ingrown hairs as well.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes a few days after waxing. Doing this will allow your skin to breathe as tight-fitting clothes can be restrictive.
  • After waxing your underarm area, avoid putting on deodorants and antiperspirants to avoid clogging your skin. You’ll also allow the skin room to breathe and prevent ingrown hairs.

Can I use different brands of wax in the same warmer?

Yes, you sure can.

However, it might not be a good idea to mix and match different wax beans during a single session. Different beans have different melting temperatures and depilatory properties so it is better to stick to a single type of wax for each session. Once you’re done, you can mix or add another type of wax to melt, but as always recommended – test on a small patch of skin before applying.


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