Cirepil Blue Hard Wax Review

Cirepil Blue hard wax

Waxing is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair. It’s practically pain-free, affordable, and the results are longer lasting than other hair removal methods. Hard waxes are the best if you want to have soft and smooth skin, free from all those nasty hair. But what is the best hard wax product? Well, […]

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How To Make Wax Melts?

How to make wax melts?

Want to add an extra layer of scent to your home? Why not make your own instead? They’re as strong smelling as you wish, and you can even use leftover wax! Here’s how to make fantastic wax melts at the comfort of your home quickly and easy.  Smelling essential oils may make a person’s mood […]

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What is Sugaring? Sugar Wax Hair Removal Guide

Sugar Wax Sugaring guide

Let’s be honest, there’s no perfect way to get rid of hair. You have to decide whether you want it to look natural, or if you want it removed completely. Waxing is too painful, shaving can be a little aggressive for sensitive skin, and depilatories make your skin sensitive to the sun. But sugaring might […]

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How to do a Do-It-Yourself Brazillian Wax at home?

How to DIY Brazilian at home?

Whether you’re comfortably stretched out at a salon or showering in the privacy of your home, waxes aren’t known for being comfortable. However, you can still be proactive before getting waxed. Use gentle exfoliation prior to shaving to ensure that skin is smoother and hair follicles are less sensitive. Lightly spray skin with cold water […]

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Best Wax Warmer – Reviews And Kit Comparison

Top Hard Wax Warmer Kits To Buy in 2018

Waxing at home is becoming more and more popular and for a very good reason too. It is much more convenient, far less expensive, and best of all, the results are very much the same as the high-end salons that usually cost an arm and a leg. With the advancement of technology, hard wax kits […]

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How To Heat And Melt Hard Wax Bens Without A Warmer?

Best Ways To Heat Hard Wax Without a warmer

Hard waxing beads a pretty useless unless they’re melted, and melting them doesn’t take a huge amount of skill, to be honest. You do need to know what you’re doing, though and follow a few safety guidelines when using wax. If you aren’t ready to invest in a good wax warmer kit just yet, there […]

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