How to DIY Brazillian Wax at home?

How to DIY Brazilian at home?

Whether you’re comfortably stretched out at a salon or showering in the privacy of your home, waxes aren’t known for being comfortable. However, you can still be proactive before getting waxed. Use gentle exfoliation prior to shaving to ensure that skin is smoother and hair follicles are less sensitive. Lightly spray skin with cold water before beginning the waxing process to fight redness and swelling

Brazilian waxing – everyone knows what it is, but few know how they want to go about getting it. It can be an uncomfortable and unnerving experience, so here’s everything you need to know before you go to a professional Brazilian waxer.

What type of wax to buy?

 Be sure to look for a product that specifically says ” Brazilian ” or “sensitive” on the packaging, as not all formulas are suited for this area. For a first-timer, it might be easiest to use wax beans, as strip waxes are a little bit more difficult to do on your own and take practice.

Stripless wax is a convenient and effective solution for waxing sensitive areas like the brow, underarms, and bikini line. Stripless wax is easy to apply—you can just smooth it over a strip in the direction of hair growth. It’s easier to get even coverage with wax that has less pull because you can use it in tighter spaces. For those with less visibility in smaller areas, stripless wax gives you more control.

How to make sure your wax is at the correct temperature?

Is your wax melter dangerous? What should you do if it melts too quickly, burns something, or stops working altogether? There are a few safety tips to keep in mind when using this type of wax warmer. The safest option is placing the warmer on a flat surface, turning the control dial to the lowest heat setting, and removing the base before touching any moving parts. Heating wax is best done with test swipes of hot wax in order to ensure it is at the correct temperature.

When is the best time to give yourself a Brazillian?

Best time to give yourself a Brazilian?

The best time to get waxed is when your skin is clean, soft, and dry. When your skin is smooth and ready for waxing, there’s no need to prep with an alcohol pad before the service, as it can be overdrying. Finding the right time of day is also important; avoid if you’re on your period (extra sensitive) or after you’ve been drinking because it could impact your pain receptors.

How to position your body? 

You have to be versatile. You might have to switch positions a few times during the wax session, depending on the area you’re waxing. Stand, while propping one leg up on a bathtub or chair while you wax. This position also works for the inner and back areas.

If you’re standing in front of a mirror, and you’d like to optimize your visibility, there are some other helpful tricks. You can also look into other solutions, such as using the highly-recommended standing mirror technique. If this isn’t feasible, you can also stand or sit in front of a standing mirror, while bending your knees and spreading your legs widely. You can prop up your lower back with a pillow.

What to start waxing first? 

The hip area. The top inner thigh by your hip area. Think of mowing the lawn. If you start from the middle of the yard, you’re going to get bogged down because the grass is too thick, plus it’s hard to keep the machine moving at speed towards the center of the yard. When you start in the edges, the grass is thinner and easier to mow and you’ll stay focused on where you’re going.

What is the best way to pull the wax to remove the hair?

Switch your focus from up and down to left and right. Moving hair growth out of the center of your legs will have you heading in the opposite direction of hair growth, which means that you’ll be pulling it sideways instead of toward your body. 

What can help ease the pain? 

 The most important thing to a painless waxing experience is reading the instructions and precautions before you get started. Sometimes anxiety can make you tense, but deep breaths and relaxing the body will help you feel better.

Once you’ve gone through your first wax, your next experience will be less painful. Prime your body for the experience and stay hydrated, eat well, and get plenty of rest leading up to your appointment. Drinking before a wax can make you more sensitive to pain and it’s best to avoid alcohol and caffeine so as not to irritate your skin leading up to the appointment — this will also prevent any negative side effects to occur. Don’t wax during your period as it will hurt more.


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